A supper food that I just found out about.

So I was doing some research the other day on healthy eating and came across this supplement/seed called salba.


What Is Salba?


Salba is nature’s richest source of fiber and omega-3s, with dozens of vitamins and minerals, including: protein, calcium, magnesium, and heart-healthy antioxidants.


The History of Salba


Salba’s unique seeds come from a plant called Salvia hispanica. Hundreds of years ago, Aztec warriors would tie a bag of Salvia hispanica seeds to their belts to sustain them during their conquests. The seeds were so important in Aztec culture that they were used as money. When Cortez and the Conquistadors arrived in Mexico in 1519, they quickly understood that Salvia hispanica seeds were at the heart of Aztec culture – used in religious and spiritual rituals. Thousands of acres of Salvia hispanica crops were set ablaze by Cortez, beginning a battle of wills that would eventually bring the Aztec civilization to its knees.


Science & Agriculture


Today, Salba is grown using Non-GMO selective breeding and trade-secret farming techniques related to soil nutrients, irrigation, and growing times. Salba is grown in a carefully controlled environment where the seeds are grown to full nutrient maturity. Salba is the subject of a medical patent in the field of diabetic research and has received clinical acclaim, most notably in the American Diabetes Association’s peer-reviewed journal, Diabetes Care.


For more info check out there site.


I just started using this product in my protien pancakes and other recipes. It has no added flavor.