It’s amazing to see how when you’re feeling at your best, so many positive things tend to happen in your life.  Recently, I lost about twenty pounds of bodyfat with the help of my doctor, my trainer for diet along with my intense training, my hormones have finally began to stabilize.  I am feeling great and no longer need to take naps during the middle of the day.  My thinking is more lucid and I am getting much more accomplished in a day while staying focused on what is important to me.  Because of this, my self-confidence has risen again and it shows in all aspects of my life.  My friends, clients, and people in the gym have commented on how much of a positive difference they see in me.  There is nothing better than working very hard towards a goal and being recognized for your efforts and progress.  This alone makes it worth all of the hard work.  I now understand the saying “It’s not the actual goal that has been reached that is the reward, but the journey you took to achieve that goal”.