I am happy to see how well a few of my clients are doing!

Today was measurement day and one of my clients has lost a total of 9 1/2 inches in a one month time period.

I have been so impressed by how well my clients are doing that I have decided to stop drinking alcohol till I drop 16 lbs. I understand that this maybe a crazy time to make this decision with the holidays coming up in all, but I don’t think this decision is going to hurt me. If anything it will be a great challenge.

This also made me think of doing a competition to anyone who wants to maintain or lose a few pound over the up coming months. I will be looking for at least eight new or current clients to commit to eight weeks of training and meal plains. Whoever at the end of the eight weeks have made the most progress in strength, inches and fat loss will win a months worth of training on me.

I have a lot of info on my business site for anyone who might be interested. I hope to hear from you!