Lesson Of The Day


Today I learned how to cook red cabbage.

Cabbage has got many nutritional values. Cabbage is low in calories, very good for digestion, contains vitamin C and E, helps in reducing constipation, and cheap. This is great for when you are on a low carb/ high protein diet. Trust me it is needed!

To cook cabbage you first need to clean it properly. Remove the outer layers of the cabbage leaves and then cut the cabbage into a quarter size pieces. Steam cabbage for 10-12 minutes till it becomes soft. Because I am only cooking for myself I only used a quarter of the head and save the rest to try a new recipe latter in the week.

It is very deliciouses without any spices.

Just be sure to brush your teeth ASAP if you don’t want them to stain! It is a fact that the more colorful the fruit or veggie are the more nutritious, but they will stain.