Never give up!

Over the last week I have been getting closer and closer to feeling a 100% again. Today was the first day in a long time that I have felt great. I didn’t realize how awful I had been  feeling until I began feeling better.


I was starting to believe I was crazy. Always feeling tired, low energy, fogged memory and unexpected weight gain which caused a slight depression. Was it all in my head? That’s what most of the doctors I had gone to had made me feel. Until….. Finally! I met with a holistic doctor who was recommended to me by a staff member at the supplement store I shop at. When I met my new doctor, I knew immediately she was going to be the one who finds out what is really going on with me.

I can go on and on about how many doctors I had visited and how none of them had answers.  When they did offer an explanation, my instincts told me otherwise. So much money and time I had been spending and getting nowhere. I felt as if I was running around in circles.

Someone once told me that “when you are trying to achieve something in life (no matter what it is) when you feel as if your not going succeed and you want to give up is when you need to push even harder because you are about succeed.” Most people give up before they get there.

I was determined to get back to feeling the way I should feel. I knew that something was not right. My new doctor finally explained that I have an under-active thyroid and she put me on the appropriate treatment. Today, I feel very grateful that my friends and family stuck behind me throughout this struggle, and it’s helped me to not give up and to keep searching for the answers. On the positive side of this experience, I have learned a ton of new information on hormones, nutrition, allergies, intolerances and much more. This experience has taught me a lot, and I am happy to be in a situation where I can pass my knowledge to others in need. I am thankful I kept fighting and never gave up.