So the other day I had spoken to a friend of mine from the past that I have not seen in about four years. Catching up with him and reminiscing got me thinking about how quickly time goes by and all the things that I have experienced within that passing time.

Sometimes doing this is a good thing because it makes me think about all the lessons that I have learned and all the changes in my life.  It’s exciting to look at how much I have grown as a person and how much more i know about myself. I get really pumped up when thinking on these things and the thought of how much more life lessons, changes and growth lies ahead of me.

Everyone should have reflective moments on how their lives have progressed (at least once every few years). Doing so will definitely give you some motivation and maybe even some enlightenment.  It’s also fun to think back on all the different stages we go through and how we mature.

I don’t think I can ever understand people who complain about how they are getting older. To me getting older means getting wiser, having more experiences and having seen more of the world.  I think these are very attractive and valuable qualities. You never know how your experiences may help others who are going through similar experiences and can benefit from what you learned. It should feel exhilarating to know that with the passage of time you will experience and learn much, and perhaps, help others as they follow a similair path you have already traveled.