This might be silly for me to share this with you but, I figured I would because I am very excited.

 I start training with two of the top trainers in Tampa on Thursday. They have trained a few of the female winners of NPC, Universe and few other bodybuilding shows. You may ask why train with trainers if you are one? Well, Even the most elite athletes have trainers. On top of that I also have an appointment with an endocrinologist on the 9th who should help get my hormones and metabolism on track.

This is huge for me because I have been fighting this (what I now know is) an hormonal imbalance for quite some time. Even when I was looking my best it was very difficult for me to stay in great shape and I always seem to feel fatigue. If I am not working out like crazy or slack off even for a sec, I gain weight very quickly and my face brakes out which causes me to be a little depressed.
Being an expert now on diet and exercise, I know with the amount work that I put in I should have much better results then I have been getting. Especially when I am doing everything thing right.
After I have seen a couple of Dr.’s I finally got the diagnosed of having PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrom).  So what dose knowing that do for me? Well nothing if I wasn’t determined enough to feel and look the way I should.

Now I am not sure if it’s that I have not had the best luck with Dr.’s or if its that we’re suppose to figure out what we need to do after getting a diagnoses? Which is why I thought we go to the doc in the first place. Either way that brought me to buy a few books on the subject (pcos) and wow! Let me tell you I have learned a lot about hormones. After reading and speaking with friends and family. I finally came the to conclusion that who I need to see was an endocrinologist.

Its sad to know that so many of us are so very out of balance and don’t even know it. We just go threw our days being tired, overweight  and sometimes depressed and not knowing why. Or if we do realize that something is a bit off and we go to the Dr. they tell us to see a therapist who wants to put us on meds that latter on cause more problems.

I am glad that I have not given up on this. You have no idea how long I have been fighting this problem or how many Dr.’s I have seen that give me prescriptions that have made the problem worse or that my intuition told me not to settle for what they tell me the problem and solution is. If they even had one that is. I feel like I have been running around in circles and have been spending crazy amounts of money.

What I have learned so far  from this whole experience is that you really need to listen to your body! It sounds funny but I am telling you your body gives all the signs as to whats going on inside of you. EVERYTHING you put in to your body has a roll as to how your body reacts and the same goes with exercise. It’s crucial to make sure that you are fueling your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep everything working the way it should. When I say vitamins and minerals I am not just talking about taking pills! I am speaking of whole foods, getting out doors in the sun and being active. Supplement are in addition.

Luckily I am a very physically active girl who has an healthy diet, the drive and the tools to get well. I would hate to see how bad it would have been if I didn’t and I had this imbalance. This thought makes me realize why we have so many sick people on our planet. I hope that with my experience I will be able to help others with similar problems get well. I will keep an update on how my training, eating and next doctor visit is going.

I think with the help of my trainers and  getting  my hormone levels where there suppose to be I am going to be on fire this up coming year!